Technology is always advancing and keeping up with it takes a dedicated effort. We are continually investing in equipment and technologies that enable us to offer you the latest in products and services. For us, it's an investment in the future--yours and ours.

We realize that, to most people, the make and model of equipment used doesn't matter. What ultimately matters is the final result. And that's the way it should be. The only thing you really need to know is that we put state-of-the-art technology to work for you and your business.

  • Mach 5 Envelope Printer
    Mach 5 Envelope Printer

    This full color envelope printer is capable of 6 inches per second at 1600 x 1600 dpi and 12 inches per second at 1600 x 800 dpi printing, the RENA Mach 5 offers real world production speeds of 3,000 pieces per hour depending on envelope size. It can handle sizes from a small A2 envelope up to 9 x 12 envelope.

  • Epson Wide format
    Epson Wide format

    The Epson allows us to print posters and banners up to 60" and many feet long. We can print on many different materials. And can mount on foamboard, PVC and magnetic material.

  • Poster printer
    Poster printer

    For printing smaller posters on poster paper and for printing our metal plates for the offset press we have the Epson 7900.

  • Hamada H234C

    Hamada H234CThe Hamada H234C is a 2 color twin tower offset press capable of printing 20,000 sheets per hour. It can print a wide variety of sizes from small envelopes up to 11 x 17. It can handle any Pantone colors with exact registration. Ideal for carbonless forms.

  • Konica Black/White Digital
    Konica Black/White Digital

    Black and white digital copier which prints at 125 pages per minute. The LED print head technology give you 1200 dpi for high resolution results.

  • Konica 1070
    Konica 1070

    The latest in Color Digital technology the 1070 will produce 3600dpi with new toner technology which gives you brighter colors. Can print up to 13 x 19 sheets.

  • Bookletmaker

    BookletmakerWith the bookletmaker it is possible to quickly and efficiently create multiple page, stitched and folded pamphlets and brochures. It automatically collates, folds, and stitches booklets quickly at 2500/hour and error-free to ensure that your job is completed correctly and on-time.

  • Graphic Whizard GW6000

    Graphic Whizard GW6000When you need high volume multiple and crash numbering with perforating, scoring and slitting in a single pass, the Graphic Whizard GW6000 is the machine you need. The GW6000 offers dependable efficiency that provides your bindery with control of all your Numbering, Perforating, Scoring and Slitting so that your projects are done right and on time.

  • Pro Cutter 32
    Pro Cutter 32

    32" programmable HYDRAULIC cutter with air bed for large sheets and very accurate cuts.

  • MBO Folder
    MBO Folder

    4 plate folder for many different kinds of folds. Handles up to 11 x 17 sheets.